SMART Arts Resource Links

Waltee's Quest - - This interactive game is a quest to find lost art pieces. Conceived by the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, this game allows users to create a username and password so they can play and save the game for access at a later date. Covering several different time periods, students are asked to search out lost treasures such as a relief print from a mummy's tomb or a suit of armor from an English castle. The game can be played at a computer, but it is perfect for an IWB.

Scribbler Too - - Scribbler Too is a fun interactive drawing tool that allows you to draw using a variety of canvases, brush stroke settings, and colors. The tools work in such a way as to create a weblike look and feel to your scribbles.

Crayola Digi-Color -
- Create Crayola artwork on your IWB with any of the Crayola pens or crayons. Choose a crayon, marker, or pencil and start drawing. They've got every pen and every color you could think of. Great for Early Childhood or the Art Class.


Jackson Pollock - - This site has been around for a while, but it is a great way to introduce your kids to Jackson Pollock. Let them create their own piece of artwork in Pollock style without all the mess.

Art Gallery on Red Fish - - Do you have young learners in your art class? Try this site which lets them explore the art of Escher, Pollock, Warhol, and Mondrian. Click on a painting and change the colors, lines, and effects of the painting. A great site to use to begin the discussion of art with younger students.

Bomomo - bomomo-4433.jpg - If your kids like to interact with your whiteboard and they also love to draw, then Bomomo is the place to be. Open this site and let your students creativity flow. I couldn't stop playing with this one. The drawing tools were quite unusual, but wonderfully fun. The beauty of this site: after creating artwork, students can save their creation as a jpg. I created the piece of artwork you see at left.

Top Marks Art - - Top Marks is a British website offering interactive activities that are great for any IWB. Activities can be found on Modern Art, Shapes, Dance, and Paiting. Use the Menu on the left hand side of their site to navigate to the appropriate skill level or subject.

smithsonian.jpgMeet Me at Midnight - - This interactive game found on the Smithsonian website takes students on a journey introducing them to art and artists from the Smithsonian collection. Great for elementary students. Thanks to iLearn Technology for posting this one.

Art Resources for the IWB - - This blog entry from the Whiteboard Blog lists 12 Internet resources for Interactive Whiteboard users. Check them out - SumoPaint, Livebrush, and Splashup, to name a few.

Museum of Modern Art -
- Interactive link to introduce children to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). Flash 6 required to view files. For children grades 3-5.

National Gallery of Art -
- This page from the National Gallery of Art website contains links and interactive lessons for teachers and students. In addition to the interactive lessons, teachers will also find printable resources.

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