Language Arts Resources for the SMARTBoard

grammar.JPGRoad to Grammar - - Road to Grammar is an interactive site that can be used for grades 6-10 to sharpen their grammar skills or for ESL/ELL students as they are learning to become fluent in English. Buttons across the top let you choose from over 300 Quizzes, Games, Practice Tools, or Downloads. Quizzes and games work great on an IWB.

Free Rice - - Need to sharpen your vocabulary skills? Why not fight world hunger at the same time. Students are presented with a word. Below the word is a list of four options to choose. Students must select the word that is synonymous with the vocabulary word. For each word you guess correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated to the World Food Programme. Change subjects, and students can compete in categories such as Chemistry, Art, Math, and Geography.

History for Music Lovers - - Thanks to iLearn Technology, I ran across this YouTube channel that transforms history tales into stylistic videos using modern music. A great amount of work went into creating these videos and they are a geeky but cool way to get kids interested in World History topics. The vids also work great for English Lit. Present topics on the French Revolution, Leonardo Da Vinci, Beowulf, or the Spanish Inquisition in a relatable way for teens.

Story Jumper - - Story Jumper is a site that allows you to create your own books and then display them for your class to read. Flip through the pages (I love the sound of the pages as you flip through them) or explore books created by other users. When you are finished, you can always go back at any time to view and read the book again. Best of all, if you want a printed hard or soft cover copy of your book, you can buy one.

Top Marks - - Top Marks is a British website offering interactive activities that are great for any IWB. Activities can be found for any skill level. Use the Menu on the left hand side of their site to navigate to the appropriate skill level or subject.

Birmingham Grid for Learning -,index - The resources on this site are too numerous to mention, so I provided a link to everything. You'll find resources for every level and nearly every subject. All of these items are interactive and provide a drag and drop or "click to learn" feature. Check out the link for your subject area, find something you like. There's something for everyone.

Choosing Adjectives - - This site gives you a short story about an ogre in which the adjectives have been removed. A word bank at the bottom of the screen lets kids drag and drop words where they want. Let them experiment with different descriptors and see how the story changes.

game_goo.JPGGame Goo - - Game Goo - Learning that Sticks! This website touts around 13 games from beginner to advanced, which teach kids about everything ranging from the basics of the alphabet to poetry. Great for reinforcing grammar and spelling skills. Try "Squanky the Tooth Taker" to help kids learn about opposites or "Alien Scavenger Hunt" to help them with their spelling. Each of these flash games works great as a quick reinforcing activity when you have free time during class.

Grammaropolis! - - Grammaropolis takes students through three levels in which they sort through nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, conjunctions, etc.... Words float down from the top of the screen and you simply click and drag them to the right category. Simple and fun!

Winged Sandals - - Thanks Smartboard Goodies for this tip. Winged Sandals is a great site to help students learn more about Greek Mythology in a fun and interesting way. This site is packed with games, activities, stories and a history of mythological figures.

Scholastic Interactive Whiteboard Activities - - Scholastic's site dedicated to Interactive Whiteboards has links to several activities for Language Arts, along with Whiteboard Tips.

Dositey - - Dositey has a wealth of K-8 resources available for free. Find flash-based games that work great with the SMARTBoard, as well as printable worksheets.

Quizlet - - At Quizlet, you can create your own flash cards for vocabulary, or you can use flash card lists created by others.

Web English Teacher - - contains a lesson plans, articles and web-based interactive activities for a range of language arts categories including lit, journalism, grammar, and mythology.

English Companion Ning - - Where English teachers go to help each other. "A place to ask questions and get help. A community dedicated to helping you enoy your work. A cafe without walls or coffee: just friends."

Internet 4 Classrooms - Lots of online activities (including current standards) for grades K-8; sorted by grade level and subject area.

Grammar Bytes - - Interactive grammar activities that students can do on their own computers or the class can do on the SMARTboard--printable handouts of each activity and Power Point presentations are also available on the site.

Spelling Connection - - This site contains drag and drop lessons on sentence structure, spelling, and word sorting. Easy to use and interactive.

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