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Links on this page cover several areas, including subject specific links and products that can help you with using SMART tools, so if you haven't found what you need on our other pages, check out the links below.

Free Rice - - Need to sharpen your vocabulary skills? Why not fight world hunger at the same time. Students are presented with a word. Below the word is a list of four options to choose. Students must select the word that is synonymous with the vocabulary word. For each word you guess correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated to the World Food Programme. Change subjects, and students can compete in categories such as Chemistry, Art, Math, and Geography.

Twitter Template - - From Amber Coggin, this
template for SMART Notebook mimics a Twitter page so students can create mini biographies for figures in history, literature, or whatever you want. Very SMART!

TubeChop - - Have you ever found a video on youtube that you wanted to share, but maybe not all of it? Tubechop lets you "chop" a section from a youtube video and share it. Cool tool and easy to use. I found a video on Colonial America that contained 30 seconds of information I needed. After using TubeChop, this is what it looked like:

trash_can.JPGTeqsmart Trash Can Tool - - Download the Trash Can tool and drag and drop it into the My Content folder in your Gallery. Then you have a trash can at your disposal (no pun intended) anytime you want it.
Halloween Resources for the SMARTBoard - Halloween Teachers Love Smartboards- the link on this one was extremely long, so I didn't provide all of it. Teachers Love Smartboards has provided a long list of Halloween Resources for the SMARTBoard. Have fun with this one.

Birmingham Grid for Learning -,index - The resources on this site are too numerous to mention, so I provided a link to everything. You'll find resources for every level and nearly every subject. All of these items are interactive and provide a drag and drop or "click to learn" feature. Check out the link for your subject area, find something you like. There's something for everyone.

Score Clicker - - With this score clicker from Triptico, what you see is what you get. The clicker is a scorekeeper that allows you to score 5, 10, and 20 points at a time for two teams. When you need to clear the clicker, just refresh your browser. Easy to use and works well with Interactive Whiteboards.
Triptico has a wealth of other resources on their homepage. Check them out. Most are free to use.

Trading Card Generator - OK, so this is not really a resource for the SMARTBoard, but it could be. You could actually use it for several classes. Upload photos or clip art to create trading cards. Use them to get kids interested in types of insects, animals, parts of speech... anything! And its free!

SMART Notebook Express - - One click on and anyone, anywhere can open, edit and share lessons and other content created using SMART Notebook collaborative learning software. This lightweight version of SMART Notebook software is accessible online anytime at no charge.

Pete's PowerPoint Station - - Free presentations in PowerPoint format and interactive activities for kids. All subject areas.

Up To Ten - is a learning website for the young ones. Click on the link and you'll find their free website which contains animated cards, puzzles & games, coloring sheets and animated storybooks & songs. All content is for kids aged 6-10. If you would like more, they have a premium web service and a school web service as well.

Scholastic Interactive Whiteboard Activities - - This page from Scholastic offers free web-based Flash games.

Imagination Cubed - - OK, so you don't have an Interactive Whiteboard! You can still write, draw, and create using this free flash tool from GE. With a limited number of tools - pens, shapes, stamps, lines, background color - this is still a cool application even if you already have a board.

Sign Language Dictionary - - This site offers a virtual sign language dictionary that can be used in conjunction with an Interactive Whiteboard. Click on a tab to open the dictionary, choose a word, and a virtual teacher shows how to sign the word. Couldn't be easier!

Mr. Nussbaum - - "A Thousand Sites in One!" This site contains interactive games and activities for Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. Practice your math skills, sharpen your memory on state flags.... There are literally at thousand learning games to play on this site. Contributed by Angela Butler.

Heather Lamb's Homepage - - Best if viewed in Internet Explorer. Heather Lamb is a SMART Trainer. This link to her website shares downloads for games that you can use on the smartboard. Many are SMART Notebook lessons such as a Jeopardy template that you can download and modify for your own use.

tag_galaxy.JPGTag Galaxy - Enter nearly any search term at Tag Galaxy, and the result is a globe or galaxy of photos from Flickr that can be used in any classroom. Use this site as a writing prompt for English, or a starting point for discussion in Current Events! Have students reflect on images by writing in a journal. You have to try it to believe it.

Download Helper - - This add-on for the Mozilla Firefox browser gives you the ability to download and save video from the internet as a flash video (*.flv) file. Flash files can be added and viewed directly from a SMART Notebook page. Wonderful, since there is no need to create links or remember web addresses for web content.

SmartBoard Goodies - - This site always has something good. You'll find links to resources for many different subject areas and links to other SMART sites as well.

Teachers Love SMARTBoards - This site, created by James Hollis, contains links to websites, lessons, and flash files that work great with the SmartBoard. Sign up for his email newsletter. Great Tips

Delicious Accounts -
  • - Our own Lee Anne Morris shares her favorite sites on her delicious account. You'll find several resources tagged for SMART use.
  • -This delicious account from one of our Smart Trainers contains links to a variety of Smart Resources. Deana teaches Eighth Floor classes at our Pryor Satellite Extension.

SMART Exchange - - Join this community of Smart Educators like yourself and benefit from Lessons, Questions Sets, and Standards-Based curriculum created by teachers from all around the world. Find out how to submit and share your own lessons as well.

First School - -
This site contains links to printable crafts and activities for preschool teachers. Check out their online resources (online coloring pages, online jigsaw puzzles).

Brain Pop! - - Brain Pop has everything! What is Brain Pop? This site has been around for a while. You'll find videos to fit a wide range of topics for several subject areas. Plus, Brain Pop has just added an educator page which contains webinars, worksheets, tutorials, lesson plans, and many other classroom tools. Teachers can create a free account so they can stay organized.

E-Learning for Kids - - E-Learning for kids is a non-profit website dedicated to learning. This site has K-6 activities and lessons for all subject areas. Each course/module has listed objectives and explains the lesson using interactive components that retain the attention of the learner.

Thinkfinity - - is a website for teachers, students, and parents that provides games & activities, as well as homework help. Best of all, the link provided here gives you access to a a collection of websites that contain interactive games that work great as SMARTBoard activities. Included here are history activities, virtual fiel trips, gravity activities, math skills, etc....

Logitech Wireless Headset with Mic -,en
- In a class the other day, a few teachers were asking if there was a way to use the SMART Recorder from the front of the classroom while still recording your voice. This wireless headset, from Logitech, allows you to listen and record audio from 30 feet away. Great for those days when you want to record a notebook lesson and post it on the web.

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