SMART Special Education Resource Links

topmarks.JPGTopmarks - This site has educational Math and English games for all ages levels. Click on the subject at left, then click on the age appropriate tab at the top to choose from a list of interactive games to use on your IWB. Math students can hone their skills in ordering, multiplication, addition, sequencing, and place value. English skills covered include punctuation, letter sounds, spelling, and reading. Click on a game and it launches in your browser.

The Whiteboard Room - - This British website has a ton of Notebook activities for the SMARTBoard. Lessons specifically target students with delays in learning. There are lessons for all subject areas and each one is free to download.
Dinosaur Dentist - This flash game quizzes children on addition that results in double digits. Easy and fun to watch the dinosaur boogie when you get a problem right.

HelpKidzLearn - - This site contains a list of games that kids can play during down time. Some are educational, like Cookery Quiz, Reflections and Shopping Time, while others are just for fun.

Washing - - This short interactive story shows kids the steps in washing clothes from a now and then perspective. From HelpKidzLearn.

Smarty Pants - Face game that helps kids identify different emotions based on facial expressions. Easy to use. Just point and click, or if on an IWB, just touch.

SMART Exchange Special Ed Search Results - This link takes you to the search results for Special Education lessons on the SMART Exchange. If you haven't tried the SMART Exchange, its a good place to start in your search for lesson plan ideas for the SMARTBoard.

Train Tracker - -
Interactive train set. Use your IWB to create a train track and then run your train through your new creation. Helps children with creativity skills. Build a track, show it, and then have kids re-create a track from memory. Click on the flash video at right to see an example. Its a little small, but you'll get the idea.

Alphabet Mini Movies- - These mini-movies from teach basic pre-algebra concepts by using letters of the alphabet. Each mini movie launches in your web browser and you can use the touch feature on your IWB to start each one. The main page for this site features other flash movies for teaching percentages, fractions, and multiplication using fun and easy to understand methods.

Do2Learn - This site emphasizes something I say all the time, which is the idea that many people learn better by doing, than seeing. Do2Learn provides a wealth of activities, games, and print resources for special needs students. Some activities like "how many" are interactive games that you can use on your IWB. Browse through the site to find something you can use.

Tap*It - - This is an interactive tool much like a SMARTBoard, but designed for special needs students. Watch the videos on their website for a demonstration.